Experience the easiest way to balance your bills and spending with The 5 Dollar Bill Helper TM

Download the app and never miss a bill payment. Available in multiple languages for Android and IOS devices.
Developed by a young mom who learned how to balance bills and spending! Now you can too!

Track all your finances with the unique yet simple

5 Dollar Bill Helper TM application

The app is easy to use and was designed for people of all ages. You can choose to use the app manually. But to experience the full potential of The 5 Dollar Bill Helper link your financial institutions.! With The 5 Dollar Bill Helper TM you get:


The Bill Balancer


Details of all your payments


Payment tracker


Track all pending and cleared payments

Join the best financial management and balancing system today!

Create your account and start earning reward coins. Reward coins can be used for one free monthly subscription.

Track all your expenses with just a click

The app tracks all your payments and offers you a monthly summary of expenditure. You can easily track the amount you have spent and where you have spent it.

Due Date Reminder

The application reminds you of all the due dates so you never miss a payment. With the help of The 5 Dollar Bill Helper you can make every payment on time.

User-Friendly Interface

Managing your finances is tough, yet we make it easy for you. With just a few clicks you can check everything related to your bills and payments.

Balance your bills and spending!

Balance you money with ease

How It Works

This app is for everyone from high school student to retiree. IT'S THAT EASY! We do not recommend creating envelopes or getting a loan, and we do not recommend you get paid earlier than expected! And you shouldn't have to cancel the subscriptions you really want! Instead, our app helps you balance your bills and your spending money. YOU HAVE CONTROL over YOUR MONEY! The 5 Dollar Bill HelperTM uses The Bill BalancerTM (Patent Pending) to split your bills prior to the due date. This ensures you have enough money to pay your bills and know your spending limits paycheck to paycheck. And the amounts for both expenses and spending will average the same amount each pay period. Oh, and you can use our app manually or link your bank account, whichever you feel more comfortable doing. Either way this app is your spreadsheet taken to the next level!

Follow the simple 5-step setup process and get rid of all your financial worries.

1 Register Yourself

Download the application and register some of your personal and financial information with just a few clicks.

2 Add your expenses

Now add your expenses according to their due dates. All your added expenses will be shown on the expense tab on the dashboard.

3 Clear Dues

Never forget to pay Bills with the due date reminder. Track your pending vs. cleared expenses manually or link your Bank account for faster automation.

4 Check Monthly expenditure

See where your money is going. The application offers an expense tracker to help you understand your spending habits.

Balance you money with ease

Balance your expenses and spending money in you current and future pay periods. The Bill Balancer will help to ensure you will always have an equal amount of bills and spending money each paycheck.

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