Keep Track of Your Spending With The Five Dollar Bill Helper

Keep Track of Your Spending With The Five Dollar Bill Helper

Identifying your monthly expenses is a necessary step in tracking your spending. It's a crucial task you should preferably complete each day of the month.


When you first start, itemizing your expenses could seem like a lot of work, but if you know why it's crucial to do so and how to do it efficiently, you'll be more likely to stick with it and become more conscious of your spending.


Reasons to Track Your Expenses

It Aids in Budget Compliance

Keeping a budget requires regular spending tracking. You won't know when to stop spending if you don't keep track of your finances. For example, analyzing your spending may show that you under or over-estimated your food budget or failed to account for one-time purchases like holiday gifts.


Helps to Spot Spending Problems

You won't be able to identify poor spending habits that you can quickly change to make your money work for you if you don't know where your money is going. If you discover, for instance, that you are paying a monthly gym subscription, you might either stop using the service or find a more cheap one.


Helps in Achieving Your Financial Goals

Sticking to your budget won’t be enough if you don't also progress toward primary saving goals. You're more likely to succeed in achieving your goals if you budget for them, make a savings plan, and then monitor your spending to ensure that it aligns with your priorities. 


But to do it all? Keeping track of the amount of money you have spent can be tedious, especially if you do it manually.


Five Dollar Bill Helper to The Rescue

Recording how much you spend is easier than ever. With the Five Dollar Bill Helper, you can keep track of every single purchase - instantaneously. Use this app to stay on top of your spending at all times. You'll never lose another dollar in your wallet again. The Five Dollar Bill Helper ensures you never forget where your money went. With the Five Dollar Bill Helper, you can plan for your future expenses in one simple app.



We help you to balance your money. It's that simple. Whether you make $1,000 a month or $100,000, it's an easy way to track those expenses. We wanted to bring this simple app idea to a generation who grew up with smartphones in their hands and an eagerness to use technology to make their lives better. It's easy! Just use FDBH for all your balance spending. Download Now!

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