Start Teaching the Importance of Money Balancing to Your Teenagers

Start Teaching the Importance of Money Balancing to Your Teenagers

Has it ever happened to you that you give your child pocket money every month and he uses it all before the month is up? It is a common issue in many households.


It’s no secret that teens enjoy spending money. Many teenagers have a spending problem, this can lead to having money issues during adulthood. Studies show that financial education during adolescence can help.


Therefore, when teenagers start to earn their own money, it is essential to teach them how to balance their finances. For some parents, this can be not easy but teenagers must learn how to handle their own money. One way to help teach this skill is by using money balancing software. The software makes it easy for teenagers to see where they spend their money and how much they have left. It also helps them learn how to budget for future expenses.


Where to start?

Five Dollar Bill Helper is an excellent tool for parents encouraging their children to save and balance. This is a great way to start having those important money conversations with your teen. It is also a good teaching tool for starting in middle school. The Five Dollar Bill Helper allows you to:


  • View current and upcoming pay 

  • It’s a Bill Balancer feature, you can split the money from one pay period to another.

  • Keep users updated on your credits and debits 

  • Allows users to plan their expenditures in advance

  • Keep tabs on the cash flow

  • Allows to balance your bills and spending with just one click 


How Five Dollar has helped others?

This author has a teenage son who always spends money as soon as he gets it. Each month he asks for $600 for gas, but my husband and I have noticed that he always runs out before the end of the month. We decided to install money balancing application that would help my son to track his spending and find ways to save money.


Teaching teenagers how to save and balance money is critical in today's society. With most parents working during the week and not having very much time to spend with their kids, it is important that your child learns about finances at a young age. Five Dollar Bill Helper teaches teenagers how to budget their cash so that they can get it in their head, how to stay away from credit cards, and how to save for the things they want or need.

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